Come back!

It's been years, 3 or 4 since I've really deep dived into Amaliy Mfg and man was she neglected! What changed 3 or 4 years ago is not an excuse but true for so many people. If you didn't know already, Amaliy Mfg. is a one woman show and at the time, I went through a breakup, started my first corporate job, and decided to focus on fun! While the last part was great, all three combined left me with no energy or mental capacity to focus on my baby, Amaliy.

Let's talk about the present, I have the same corporate job and I can't wait to make Amaliy Mfg. my full time passion again. I am here and putting it in writing and making this website a thing, the decision has been made, I need to get out of the corporate world. I know there are so many just like me who want the same thing and don't know what their passions are but I know what mine is and I am back!

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